Noise from empty flat spooked TCJ

Believing that he had to handle yet another neighborly dispute, Marine Parade GRC Member of Parliament (MP) Tan Chuan-Jin found out that he would have to deal with a neighbor of another kind. The spooky kind.

Noise from empty flat spooked TCJ

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The MP — who’s also Speaker of Parliament — had to make a house visit last night after hearing a noise complaint from a resident about the sound of “dragging chairs” from a unit above. But lo, there was no reason why there’d be noise from the flat above; after all, its resident had passed away, and the unit was empty.

“From time to time, we encounter issues that may be beyond an MP’s ability,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “And I mean waaaaay beyond.”

The MP then goes on to explain to The Straits Times that he occasionally gets feedbacks from residents about mysterious issues that he is not at all equipped to deal with — especially cases where odd sounds can be heard in the wee hours of the morning that nobody can trace the source.

“For example, there is a block where there is a loud banging sound in the wee hours of the morning, but no one seems to be able to narrow it down to a specific source,” Tan said to ST.

“Despite repeated efforts, this continues to remain a mystery to us all.”

The most common mystery that’s probably plagued everyone who’s lived in HDB apartments is the distinct sound of marbles bouncing from the ceiling at night, like someone’s been playing with them at the unit above.

In 2005, structural engineers tried to find the reason behind such sounds in an ST article — in which they said that it’s probably due to the water hammer phenomenon, when water flow is stopped suddenly, causing a pressure surge in pipes and creating a banging sound. The sounds would be distorted through concrete walls, probably resulting in a sound similar to marbles dropping. Just a theory of course, and no one is able to properly prove it till today.

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