Dad chastised for leaving his baby locked up in the car

Dad chastised for leaving his baby locked up in the car

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SCDF baby

On Sunday night, officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) were called in to a carpark at Tampines Street 23 to rescue a five-month-old baby that had been left all alone inside a locked car.

Fortunately, rescuers didn’t need to conduct forcible entry into the vehicle as the father of the child arrived soon after to unlock the car and carry the baby out. Paramedics on scene assessed the child to be unhurt.

Though it was all no harm, no foul in the end, the incident caused a proper commotion that night as SCDF personnel inspected the car prior to the father’s arrival. A clip of the hullaballoo was uploaded on Facebook, and it’s worth watching for the proper berating the father received from a passerby, which starts around two minutes into the video.

“Have you heard of cases of babies dying inside the car? How can you do that?” questioned the passerby, before you hear the video-taker exclaiming, “Oh my God, be careful lah, bro”.

The angry passerby continued: “I have a baby the same age! I have heard of so many cases of baby dying inside the car. You left the baby inside for 20 minutes”, while another person can be heard tsk tsk-ing. “We happened to pass by, how can you leave the baby like that? The baby was screaming inside!”

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