Grab driver guilty for car explosion

Back in April, a car exploded at a multi-storey carpark in Bukit Batok, leaving eight other vehicles damaged and a man suffering burns on his chest and limbs.

As it turns out, the man had been severely depressed and wanted to end it all that day. Having survived the attempt, 32-year-old Dwight Soriano pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of performing a rash act, one of mischief and four for unrelated cheating offences, The New Paper reported.

Wanting to kill himself over relationship issues and financial problems on Apr 26, he emptied cans of flammable butane gas in his car — a rented Nissan Dualis for his job as a Grab driver. Around 6pm that day, he started feeling drowsy and drove to a multi-storey carpark at Block 290H along Bukit Batok Street 24. While trying to have a smoke, the spark from his cigarette lighter ignited the butane gas and caused the explosion, which damaged eight other vehicles in the vicinity.

A video that circulated online showed passersby and police officers tending to Soriano, who displayed signs of trauma and burns from the explosion, with his clothes in tatters.

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Grab driver guilty for car explosion

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Even before that day, Soriano had attempted to hurt himself through another method. While staying at a friend’s apartment on Apr 11, he pierced a rubber pipe connecting a liquefied petroleum gas tank to a stove and started inhaling the fumes, The New Paper reported. He only stopped when he heard his friend coming out of his room.

Regarding his charge of mischief, Soriano admitted to setting fire to a Chinese New Year decoration attached the door of his former girlfriend’s flat on Feb 17. His cheating offences involved scamming people on Carousell, where he would offer cars for rent and go MIA after his victims each paid up to $500 in cash as a deposit.

In court, it was revealed that Soriano was found to be moderately to severely depressed, according to an Institute of Mental Health report.

Nonetheless, the prosecution called for a sentence of least two years in jail due to Soriano causing public disquiet with the explosion.

The case will be heard in court again on Jan 5.

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