Sarah Song is determined to have a baby soon

Sarah Song is determined to have a baby soon

23 Dec – TVB actress Sarah Song is so ready to be a mother that she has no issues sharing her baby plans with the public.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who appeared at a Nestle event with husband Jason Chan, shared that since her husband is busy filming a new drama, she will have to discuss his schedule with the production team so that he will be available on crucial dates.

"My wife is so open," cried Jason, who stood beside her.

"I don't mind making our plans public," replied Sarah. "As soon as my husband completes filming, we will focus on making a baby."

On the other hand, Jason revealed that he is envious of Moses Chan, who was still able to have lots of kids while busy with work.

When asked if he plans to challenge the father of three, Sarah responded, "That is Jason's plan. But I don't think I am as strong as [Moses's wife] Aimee. She's Superwoman."

When asked how many kids they want, the actress said that she doesn't mind having three kids in three years, though that will depend on her health and God's arrangement.

(Photo Source: Sarah Song Instagram)