Woman dislodges taxi’s license plate trying to open boot

To be honest, there’s nothing really newsworthy here. Just an amusing little clip that shows how Toyota Priuses remain confusing to handle — or perhaps this is just a one-off with someone who doesn’t know how to work the car boot release mechanism.

In a dashcam recorded on Tuesday, a motorist had front-row seats to watch a Silvercab taxi driver having the unenviable task of sticking back up his rear license plate after it was inadvertently dislodged by a distracted passenger. The poor girl didn’t realize that the driver can’t open the Prius’ hatch from his seat (correct us if we’re wrong), as the boot has to be manually raised from the outside of the vehicle. That’s a Prius for you.

Other cabbies in the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook group chimed in that they face the exact same thing when driving their Prius taxis around.

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Woman dislodges taxi’s license plate trying to open boot

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