'Recalcitrant offender' admits to attacking police officer with stun gun

'Recalcitrant offender' admits to attacking police officer with stun gun
Singapore state courts (Yahoo News Singapore file photo)

A man who tried to use his own stun gun on a police officer pleaded guilty to seven charges at the State Courts on Wednesday (9 May).

Among the charges, 24-year-old Sivakandesh, who has only one name, was convicted on two counts of voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from his duty, one count of theft, one count of importing a stun gun and one count of possessing a flick knife.

He also admitted to one charge for spitting on a police officer’s face and one charge for using abusive language on an officer. Five other charges against Sivakandesh were taken into consideration.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Jason Nim, police were responding to a public disturbance complaint near Block 624 Yishun Ring Road at about noon on 10 January this year when they chanced upon Sivakandesh behaving suspiciously inside a parked Mercedes Benz car.

When questioned, Sivakandesh lied that the car belonged to him. The officers then arrested him on suspicion of criminal offences.

Sivakandesh resisted arrest and put up a struggle, during which he attempted to use a stun gun on Station Inspector Lim Kok Hwee, who managed to disarm him. Sivakandesh, who was out on bail at the time of his arrest, had illegally imported the stun gun sometime between October and November 2016.

Further investigations revealed that Sivakandesh had stolen nearly $90 in cash and a a pair of sunglasses worth $150 from the car. A flick knife with an 8.5cm long blade was also found on him.

In August 2016, he hit the nose of a police officer who had found him in possession of a stun gun. In a separate incident a month later, he verbally abused and spat on the face of a police officer.

Sivakandesh had also been convicted of other offences in the past, including rioting in 2012, said DPP Nim, who added that he is a “recalcitrant offender” who “habitually” committed similar offences against the police. Nim asked for a sentence of five years of corrective training and 209 days of imprisonment.

The court has ordered a Corrective Training report and Sivakandesh’s defence will make its submissions after the report is out. The case is expected to resume in court on 6 June.

For hurting a public servant, Sivakandesh can be jailed up to seven years, fined and/or caned. For theft, he could serve up to three years’ jail, a fine or both.

For possessing weapons, he could also be jailed up to five years and be given at least six strokes of the cane.