Man jailed for being naked in view of neighbour, throwing bike from 15th floor of HDB block

Man jailed for being naked in view of neighbour, throwing bike from 15th floor of HDB block
Singapore state courts (Yahoo News Singapore file photo)

He was fully naked in his living room and left his front door wide open while watching television when a female neighbour came over to tell him to lower the volume of his television set.

A day later, he threw a shared bicycle down 15 storeys from his block. He committed both offences while intoxicated.

Philip Sudhan Dhanaraj, 54, was jailed 24 weeks by the State Courts on Friday (18 May) after pleading guilty to four charges – appearing nude in a private place exposed to public view, committing a rash act, theft and committing an obscene act in public. Two other charges of theft and intentionally causing alarm were taken into consideration for sentencing.

On 23 February 2018, after he was spotted being naked, Dhanaraj went over to his neighbour’s flat with a towel wrapped around his lower body and argued with her. The neighbour then called the police.

A day later, he threw a bicycle belonging to shared rental bicycle company Ofo down from his block. A neighbour living on the 13th floor heard something crashing onto the ground and went out of his flat to investigate. He looked up and spotted Dhanaraj, who was intending to throw another bicycle over the ledge.

The neighbour shouted at Dhanaraj and told him not to throw the bicycle down the block. Dhanaraj put the bicycle down and returned to his flat. The neighbour then called the police.

Last November, Dhanaraj was at a Starbucks outlet in Bedok Point when he rubbed his genital area in front of a female patron. He persisted with the act despite being told by the patron to stop.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Zhou Wenzhao sought a total jail term of 24 weeks to be imposed on Dhanaraj, who has previous convictions for committing obscene acts in public, theft and committing rash acts.

Dhanaraj’s lawyer Melvin Loh asked for leniency, saying that his client intends to seek help to deal with his alcohol dependency problems.

Addressing Dhanaraj, District Judge Eddy Tham said drinking was the source of his problems and advised him to get counselling and training. The judge pointed out that Dhanaraj’s act of throwing the bicycle down from the HDB block posed a danger to others while his indecent acts were an “assault on people’s senses”.

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