Model-actress Sheila Sim shares photos of her 'most emotional' wedding

Model-actress Sheila Sim shares photos of her 'most emotional' wedding
(PHOTO: Sheila Sim/Instagram)

Model-actress Sheila Sim gave her fans a glimpse into her wedding in late January this year by sharing several photos of her special day on Instagram.

In the post, the Channel 8 star said that compared with walking down the runways and wearing many wedding gowns during the career, walking down the aisle for her wedding was the “hardest and most emotional walk” for her.

“It was silly, but imagining how my daddy would feel ‘giving me away’, made me felt really sad. It also felt like I was saying goodbye to so many things and people that I’m familiar with and embarking on a completely new journey that feels so foreign to me,” Sim added.

The 34-year-old also wrote that she had trouble sleeping the night before her wedding due to the traditional wedding rituals and anxiety.

“We started our day at 5am and ended only at 1am. It’s more tiring than a full day of work, seriously,” Sim said. But she added that she would never swap her wedding memories “for anything else in the world”.

Sim married her husband Deon Woo in January this year after they met through a dating app and had gotten engaged six months into dating.

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