Tailgating Porsche abruptly changes lanes without signalling, causes NSman biker to crash - then flees

A National Service (NS) man on a motorcycle was flung onto the road after an accident with a black Porsche which was tailgating another vehicle along the Seletar Expressway (SLE) today (Aug 30) at 7.18am.

Stomp contributor Mike captured the incident on his vehicle's dashboard camera, and sent the video to Stomp.
In the video, the NS man was seen riding in the middle lane and overtaking a yellow car.
The Porsche, which was tailgating another vehicle in the rightmost lane, suddenly cut into the middle lane without signalling, causing the NS man to crash into it.

The NS man was flung onto the road, while the Porsche driver simply drove on.

Fortunately, the yellow car which was just behind the motorbike managed to stop in time, and avoid running over the NS man.

Two other motorcyclists who were passing by stopped to render assistance.

Fortunately, the NS man did not seem seriously injured and got to his feet after a while.

One of the riders helped lift the NS man's motorcycle.

The rider also helped to move the NS man's motorcycle to the side of the road.

Said Mike: "I'm not sure if the Porsche driver knew he caused an accident.

"Given the way that he was driving earlier, he didn't seem like the sort who would wait around.

"I am quite pleased that the NS man was fine. It was quite fortunate and he could have been killed."

Stomp has contacted the police for more information.