Woman claims beauty salon 'pressured' her to sign $17k packages

Woman claims beauty salon 'pressured' her to sign $17k packages

PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News
A woman claimed that she was 'pressured' into signing packages worth $17,000 at a beauty salon, and an employee even escorted her to an ATM to make the funds transfer.

The incident happened at a beauty salon in Toa Payoh Central on Aug 7.
The 35-year-old administrative officer told Shin Min Daily News that employees pestered her to sign up for packages - including three sessions of facelift, six sessions of eyebrow embroidery procedure, and treatment for oily skin, as well as $940 worth of cosmetic products - which came up to $17,000 in total.
She also claimed that despite being hesitant to sign up, she ultimately caved in after 'pressuring' from the staff.

Nearly a month after the incident, the woman told her sister-in-law about her experience.

Feeling indignant for her, she headed down to the salon with the woman and three other family members to reason with the staff.

Failing to reach a resolution with the salon, the family called the police.

In response to media queries, a Police spokesman confirmed that the Police received a call at 5.09pm on the day of the incident, and advised the two parties to resolve their differences in private.