Woman brandished scissors at husband for letting maid use toothpaste

A couple’s dispute over a non-issue went from 0 to 100 pretty quickly after a lady whipped out a knife on her husband for letting their domestic helper use their toothpaste. No, really.

Yu Hong Hong — a 41-year-old Chinese national who just became a Singapore citizen — was arrested yesterday for criminal intimidation, according to Shin Min Daily News.

Police informed The Straits Times that they responded to the case at a unit in Block 447 along Hougang Avenue 10 at 8:53am on Monday. Apparently, what kicked it all off was the couple’s Burmese maid asking Yu’s husband if she could use their toothpaste.

The husband allowed it, but that didn’t sit well with Yu, for some reason. The woman was so upset that she allegedly scolded the maid and even slapped the poor girl.

Woman brandished scissors at husband for letting maid use toothpaste

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Things escalated very quickly after that — Yu approached her husband while holding a pair of scissors and threatened him. The husband managed to push her away, fortunately.

Yu then called the police, but the tables were turned on her, as she ended up being arrested for criminal intimidation. She’s currently out on bail, reported Shin Min. Police investigations into this highly odd incident are ongoing.

Jokes aside, it’s still a highly disturbing fact to know that the maid’s simple usage of Yu’s toothpaste was enough to outrage her into a potentially violent squabble. Singapore’s reputation regarding foreign domestic workers is already bad as it is, with a recent discovery of maids allegedly being forced into harsh living conditions by an employment agency.

In July, a Member of Parliament’s proposal to make it mandatory for employers to provide paid annual home leaves to foreign domestic workers was met with overwhelming criticism by Singaporean employers.

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