Woman who threw pork at neighbor’s house continues harassment

A two-year mandatory treatment order hasn’t stopped an elderly woman from continuing to harass her neighbors at Block 247 along Tampines Street 21.

Back in June, 63-year-old Lee Dji Lin — diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder — was found guilty of harassing her Muslim neighbor by throwing raw pork at the front door of her unit. She was also guilty of “intentionally wounding the religious feelings” of the 62-year-old widow, Marliah Jonet.

According to Marliah, she’d been facing vicious taunts and other forms of harassment by Lee since April 2010. It was only when a CCTV camera caught footage of Lee throwing the slab of pork meat that she was brought to court and charged. Lee was subsequently sentenced to mandatory treatment order.

But as Yahoo News Singapore recently found out, Lee remains undeterred in her campaign of intimidation. The woman has continued verbally abusing Marliah daily, taunting the widow about her husband and daughter — both of whom are deceased.

Woman who threw pork at neighbor’s house continues harassment

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Eight other neighbors attested to Yahoo that they heard Lee shouting for long periods of time, even beyond midnight.

A family who once lived in a unit opposite Lee’s had to move away due to her relentless harassment. She once threw a chopper outside the neighbor’s house and even destroyed the altar they placed outside their unit.

Another neighbor found dirty water poured at her doorstep after Lee saw her speaking to the police about the pork-throwing incident. Yet another had rubbish thrown towards her unit by Lee on a few occasions.

Lee also had a tendency to toss urine and water out of her kitchen window, causing her neighbors to be unable to hang out their clothes out to dry. It was only when she was briefly remanded at the Institute of Mental Health that her neighbors could hang their clothes outdoors.

But perhaps it was Marliah who suffered the brunt of Lee’s abuse. This month alone, she’s already had to call the police on six occasions to handle her neighbor, whose harassment includes calling Mariah a pig, and a “Satan who ate her husband and daughter”.

Throughout Yahoo’s interviews with the block’s residents, many have expressed dismay that the situation has not improved despite the numerous complaints lodged with the police, the town council and the Housing Development Board over the years.

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