Taiwan nanny fired for drinking employer's breast milk: Reports

Taiwan nanny fired for drinking employer's breast milk: Reports
Screengrab off the CCTV footage of the nanny and her employer’s daughter. (Photo: YouTube)

A 58-year-old nanny in Taiwan was dismissed from her job after she was allegedly caught for drinking her employer’s breast milk.

According to media reports from Taiwan, the employer, known only by her surname Lin, had confronted the nanny after finding that her infant daughter had been finishing an entire bottle of breast milk too fast.

Lin, who is from Kaohsiung City, had hired the nanny during her confinement period to help take care of the newborn.

But one day during that period, Lin saw the nanny with an empty milk bottle and asked where the milk was out of curiosity, before realising that the nanny had drank the milk that the infant could not finish.

Lin then told the nanny to feed the leftover milk to her older son in the future. However, Lin caught the nanny after her confinement period drinking the breast milk again.

When confronted, the nanny had denied the allegations initially. But CCTV footage showed that the nanny, after feeding Lin’s daughter, had looked up to the camera and walked to the kitchen with the bottle of breast milk. She then consumed the milk when she thought she was out of sight of the camera.

The footage of the incident has been uploaded onto YouTube.

The nanny eventually owned up, saying that she “had only drank a little bit”. She then posted on her social media that her previous employer had allowed her to take her breast milk if the baby did not finish it and “would not make a big deal about it”.

Lin eventually dismissed her. The nanny is now working at a kindergarten.

A report said the nanny was not fired from her agency, because drinking a mother’s milk is not considered a serious offence.

Other reports also said that the incident is now being investigated by the city’s Social Affairs Bureau.